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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday (13)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine
for sharing upcoming releases we're highly anticipating.

Long Way Down (Calloway Sisters #4)
by Krista & Becca Ritchie
Release Date: November 20, 2015
Genre: NA, Contemporary Romance
- - -
With a seven-year difference, Ryke & Daisy have faced an uphill battle in the eyes of the world and their families. Known as the most adventurous, fast-paced couple—their next step has always been elusive to the rabid media.

Behind the scenes, heartbreaking troubles continue to test Ryke & Daisy's resilience and shape their future together.

They promise:

To never slow down.
To never compromise who they are.
To never abandon their love for each other.

But preserving their happiness also means adding more risks. Ones that Connor Cobalt wouldn't even take. As a professional free-solo climber, Ryke is no stranger to risk, but his next step with Daisy wagers more than just his health.

With their lives on the line, Ryke & Daisy head towards the vast, wild unknown in this epic final conclusion to the Addicted series.

**Author's Note**
It's possible to only read the Calloway Sisters spin-off series without reading the Addicted series [Jae: you would be missing out on so many feels though, don't do itt xD], but you MUST read Fuel the Fire (Calloway Sisters #3) before reading Long Way Down (Calloway Sisters #4)

It's highly recommended to read the books in the recommended reading order, which is in tangent with the Addicted series.
- - -
Why? Anyone who follows me on the blog, twitter, instagram, or any social media platform really, will know how obsessed I am with the Addicted series by these twin-writing-wizards. I'm so invested in these characters. I am both highly anticipating and dreading its release. It just means we're getting closer and closer to the end.

Riders (Riders #1)
by Veronica Rossi
Release Date: February 16, 2016
| +Goodreads |
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mythology
Publisher: Tor Teen
- - -
For eighteen-year-old Gideon Blake, nothing but death can keep him from achieving his goal of becoming a U.S. Army Ranger. As it turns out, it does.

Recovering from the accident that most definitely killed him, Gideon finds himself with strange new powers and a bizarre cuff he can't remove. His death has brought to life his real destiny. He has become War, one of the legendary four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Over the coming weeks, he and the other horsemen—Conquest, Famine, and Death—are brought together by a beautiful but frustratingly secretive girl to help save humanity from an ancient evil on the emergence.

They fail.

Now—bound, bloodied, and drugged—Gideon is interrogated by the authorities about his role in a battle that has become an international incident. If he stands any chance of saving his friends and the girl he's fallen for—not to mention all of humankind—he needs to convince the skeptical government officials the world is in imminent danger.

But will anyone believe him?
- - -
Why? I fell in love with Veronica Rossi's writing after reading her debut series, Under the Never Sky (forever grateful to Siiri for pushing this on me x). I cannot wait to see what she has planned for Riders because the blurb has me hooked!

What are you waiting on this week?
Be sure to leave a link to your blog! I'd love to stop by and see your pick(s) :)


  1. Long Way Down sounds like it would be an amazing book to read and I saw Riders in another book blog and I fell in love with the cover so definitely going to check it out.

    1. The Addicted series is super inspiring. Fair warning: it is a tad darker incomparison to other NA novels because of two of the characters dealing with addictions. But the friendships are A+! Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Oh my, Riders sounds wonderful -- the four horseman as the good guys is something new -- not to mention, what a great cover! Here's mine:

    1. I'm not very familiar with the mythology behind the four horsemen but I'm with you 100% about Riders sounding wonderful :D

  3. Your blog is gorgeous! I really need to update my design ... maybe during fall break.

    I haven't gotten into a lot of NA yet --that cover looks awesome! I kept hearing about Veronica Rossi's Under the Never Sky series ... need to check her out soon. =)

    1. Ahhhhh thank you so much! I actually worked onmine during my summer break while I was on hiatus. Good luck with yours! And yessss, I highly HIGHLY recommend her Under the Never Sky series. It's an underappreciated diamond inthe rough :')

  4. Awesome~ these series sound so refreshing!

    1. I hope you pick em up! I have utmost faith in these authors now heheh.

  5. Ooh! I had no idea Veronica Rossi was writing another series:D I need to try this one out. I love how it says "they fail" because that gives the book a unique premise;) Great picks!

    1. I hadn't either until my friend who introduced me to her UtNS series tweeted about the finalized cover! I hope we both enjoy it <3

  6. I am looking forward to Riders, I have only read the first book in the Under the Never Sky series and it was excellent!

    1. Heatherrrr, you are in for a ride because I found UtNS got better and better with each book! :D