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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Lit Love - May Box (PART OF YOUR WORLD)

Hello! I fell down a rabbit hole of book box subscriptions last month and came across another that I absolutely had to check out. Lit Love Book Box is a fairly new monthly book subscription, based out of Calgary, Alberta (soon to be British Columbia—wooot love supporting our fellow Canadian businesses) where you get to pick the book. Each month Lit Love will reveal 1-3 book titles in addition to one surprise option. How brilliant is that?! I feel that this is especially great for readers who may already be subscribed to another box or don't want to have doubles of a book. Lit Love works at curating high quality items including home decor, snacks, beverages and bookish goodies. When Lit Love announced their May box would be heavy on the snacks, you know your girl here HAD to jump on the opportunity to get one! I selected Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez for my box.

Customer Service: 5/5! For some background information, I went on a book ban for the month of April. I was honestly counting down the days that last week of April to order a one-time box from Lit Love. I kept up to date with Lit Love's IG highlights and got increasingly disheartened as the number of available boxes went down. YAY for Lit Love but nooooo for me! So, I bit the bullet and sent Dee (who I believe is the CEB of Lit Love? That's my lingo for Chief Executive [Booklover] heheh but correct me if I'm wrong) a message explaining my stubbornness at staying accountable to my book ban goal, and inquiring about either holding a box or ordering now and paying later. THANK YOU Lit Love for your understanding, support, patience and allowing me to get my hands on a May box *tears of joy*

Presentation/Packaging: B-e-a-utiful! How pretty is that clouds and sky box tape/sticker? I love the colour blue, so everything about the book box's aesthetic hit my happy notes. Strangely, the tape/sticker was perfectly torn across like someone had opened it before me. It's the mystery of the month but I'm convinced that my mother had a peak hahah. The box was the perfect size for the content. It seemed that all the items fit in snug with no unfortunate bumps or creases. Phew. Love Lit ships boxes on the 10th of the month and I received mine within the week. It's not relevant but also kind of relevant... the graphic design for monthly book reveals and box hints on the Love Lit IG are so eye-catching and pretty. I had to mention them.

Content: When Lit Love says a box will be "snack heavy", they BRING. THE. GOODS. Content photos to be posted below but my oh my... my heart and stomach were satisfied with this book box! Some items are custom made for Lit Love or are connected to the book of choice. I've scrolled through the book box hashtag on IG and it's amazing big brain energy how the book choices have some special differences in detail.

  • Floral Bookmark - Lit Love (this doubled as the May content reveal card!)
  • Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez with signed bookplate
Cost: A one-time box was $85 CAD. Very similar to another book box I've tried and this one is equally amazing for it's cost. Note: shipping was included with the total when within Canada. If we were to break down the cost, romance novels are typically around $22 here and shipping I find around $15+. Calculating the price if I were to purchase everything individually, plus shipping (because I honestly have not tried or heard of these shops before, let alone be able to find them locally), you definitely get your dollars worth in goodies with a box!

Overall Impression: Gosh, I love book boxes! I can say from the bottom of my heart, Lit Love Book Box knocked this one out of the park. I originally had my eye on another book but realized I would have gotten a double. Abby Jimenez will be a new-to-me read. I have a good friend who would vouch for her other romance novels though so no regrets on my part with the book choice. I greatly enjoyed the stuffed cookie which was not overly sweet as I feared it would be. I surprisingly enjoyed the honey mustard pretzels. Now, I'm trying to slowly savor  devour the gummy candy which was my favourite edible item in the box! They are incredibly soft and yummy. The beauty of getting book boxes is that you can always re-gift items you might not have use for and I know my niece will love the Unicorn tumbler. I love it but it would otherwise just be displayed lovingly on my shelf to collect dust. Excellent quality and incredible fun. Lit Love will also have another Special Edition box where all items are related to the book and to be unwrapped at certain pages while you read. I have my eye on that one next!  


  1. A snack-heavy box??? That sounds like a box for me. That was really lovely of them to hold the box to you. That's how you build a good business.

    1. Right??? It was my first time interacting with a book subscription and they were sooo sweet. Nick, I honestly devoured the snacks. No shame.