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Organized alphabetically and by genre, with a spotlight on my current #1 in that genre
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Note: Some of the books I've mentioned are actually part of a series and I would recommend reading them in order.

A heart-warming series about marriage, strength and love.
Reasons to read: Dean [fucking] West. This man is the king of my heart folks. I mean, he was my first character spotlight and for good reason. Intelligent and loving (with a dirty mouth on intimate occasions *wink*). His devotion to his wife makes my heart flutter bad. Olivia's character growth is so wonderful. I didn't like her in the first book. As she became more independent and confident, I admired her strength. SoB is a sweet+sexy read about the struggles that come in long-term relationships, and the importance of fighting for love. I highly recommend reading the spin-off book too because Archer West.

An emotional, inspiring and life-changing series.
Reasons to read: The story sucks you in and the characters take over your heart. It has elements of feminism and emphasizes family/friendship values. There is no slut-shaming and these books continually encourage being your true self and never giving up. The addictions aren't romanticized. As such, this series has a some-what darker tone than your typical NA books. The Calloway Sisters spin-off series does have a lighter tone than Lily and Lo's though. I highly recommend reading them in the authors' recommended order to get the full 'Addicted experience'. Note that tissues are a must-have when reading!


An incredibly beautiful story emphasizing friendship, 
acceptance and moving on from the past. 

Reasons to read: I think this book falls more in the Mature YA category. It's not a light read but it's also not one that I found too angsty or dark. TSoT is unforgettable and strikes a chord with readers. The story itself is almost like an enigma that draws you in until the very end. The romance is touching and the main characters are those you undoubtedly come to admire. Life isn't complete if you haven't met Josh Bennett yet, just saying.

A sexy, thrilling suspense series that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Reasons to read: Each book is written with such precision and excellence. I just love this series so much and how the series came about from her experience as an investigative journalist. Pamela Clare is able to paint such a detailed setting with her words. Not only are the stories incredibly thrilling the character dynamics in the series is so, so good. Bromance galore. And Sexiness galore. And I mean steaming, fan required, sexy. Did I mention there are a boat load of hot alpha males?

A dark, epic thriller series filled with mind-blowing twists.
Reasons to read: So I have to admit that I'm not caught up with this series yet. But based on the first three books, THIS SERIES IS INSANELY EPIC. If there was ever a series that made me question good vs. evil, In the Company of Killers blurs the line brilliantly. Not every story is guaranteed a happy ending and you'll find this one won't make any promises. It will blow your mind to pieces and have you begging for more of the fierce group of main characters.

An enthralling series filled with phenomenal characters.
Reasons to read: PEREGRINE OF THE TIDES. And Aria. And Roar, of course. Not only is the romance a delicious simmering slow burn but the platonic friendships are A++! The world of UtNS is captivating as it is intriguing. I have to mention it again because they make such a power duo: Perry x Aria. I live for this.