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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Whole New Blog (cue Aladdin music)

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I'm a blogger now.
 And do you know how I feel? Pretty darn good.

I've had the thought of starting a book blog since the beginning of summer but didn't actually make a layout or anything until last month. I wasn't going to go through with it I tell you but some people can be very persuasive (*cough* Siiri *cough*). But I feel so happy and proud to see the final product up and running.

Why did I go for 'book nest' you ask? 
It's because 'blueJae' is my goodreads profile name. 
You know, like blue jay the bird. Hence the blue bird in the banner.  
I actually had a nice giggle over that when the idea first popped in my head.
I'm one of those people who can laugh over nothing...

Let's see, some quick facts about me:
I love the colour blue. I love my husky, Tidus. 
I'm Canadian but like to use American spelling for words. (i.e. 'favorite' because 'favourite' just looks weird) 
I can never bring myself to highlight in a book so I use lots of sticky tabs.
I like to collect nail polish. 
I mainly use photoshop for my edits.
I will forever love Disney movies and Pixar never fails to make me cry.
Oh, and I'm on a Teen Wolf marathon right now (I love that too, if you can't tell)!

I transferred and edited my latest reviews from goodreads that way the blog wouldn't look so empty to start.
I'll be finishing my current read real soon though, so stay tuned for that. :)

THANK YOU for stopping by and hope to see you again!
Josh Bennett.
I get it now. I so get it.

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