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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Addicted Series Lovefest: In Which My Love For LiLo Becomes More Obvious, Maybe

SOME KIND OF PERFECT RELEASES IN TWO DAYS, YA'LL. It's hard to believe that it's been about two years since I fell head first into this wonderful world that is the Addicted series. Or that Krista and Becca have written ten amazing books in what, three years?! [I have no doubt that SKoP will have me in tears]. Not only is that a lot of books, but if you've read the Addicted series you know how massive these babies are. 'Tis proof of their superwriting powers!

Today, Fizzle Force bloggers around the world are celebrating Krista & Becca and sharing our love of all things Addicted series *twirls and dances* We're coming to the end of a spectacular era! Just thinking about the epilogue book makes me emotional.

What the Addicted Series Means to Me

My irl friends aren't big readers. Probably 90% of the time, I'm fangirling about a book to my cousin who has ever only read YA (and that's on the rare chance that she feels like reading). I needed an outlet for my thoughts and she was kind enough to take on my crazy hah. I'll never forget the day when Jenn and Lanie [I love you both dearly for this too] asked me if I was interested in helping with what is now known as Krista & Becca's Fizzle Force on fb. My first thought was OMG *self fist bump*. It was almost like being asked if I wanted to be one of the knights of the round table, you know? Part of a team, a book club, which I have always wanted to be a part of. There was finally a place for me to talk about my favorite series and characters without seeming over the top insane. Because the majority of the members are just as big a fan of these books as I am :'). 

I've also had the pleasure of meeting the sweetest readers on this planet because of the Addicted series. I swear, the Fizzle Force is made up of the nicest people ever!! Like Lily from Lily's Book Blog, Amy from Foxy Blogs, A. from FMA Book Reviews, Linda from Second Bite Book Reviews, Jasmine from The Reading Escape, to name a few. If you could imagine how excited and freaked out I was of becoming an admin, I was equally so when accepted into the loving arms of the Fizzle Reads girls, my OTP of Pain squad sisters. I had secretly stalked half of these girls *cough* Siiri, Sue, Sil and Zee *cough* for the longest time because of their fab blog and/or graphics heheh. Now, these four, plus Lisa, Jessi, Katie, Eri, Almera and Laura, are practically my sisters (you're stuck with me, sorry) who I love and hate for pushing so many cute books on me. Every day is brighter talking to anyone from this fandom. Thank you, Krista & Becca for writing these inspiring books and bringing us all together!

If ever there were a series to highlight the importance of being comfortable in your own skin, persevering through hardships and doing what you love, the Addicted series is THE BEST. I'm a sucker for romance. I like childhood friends to lovers stories. When I first read ATY, KTS, HF etc, I didn't expect to feel such a strong connection with the characters. I'm a huge fan of the NA genre but rarely have I read one with such depth in it's characters and story. The Addicted series is actually the first series that I've invested 110% of myself in. I wrote a tumblr post once about why I love the Addicted characters and after re-reading it now, I've realized how my reason for loving one character could easily apply to any of the others. I love them so much my heart hurts. It's thanks to the Addicted series that I've come to embrace myself and appreciate what I have. So, I'd also like to thank Krista & Becca for encouraging me to be me *hugs you both tightly*.

Most Fizzle Force darlings know that LiLo is my #1. I contemplated the idea of making a graphic for the lovefest but decided to do something new. It's a mash-up of two of my favorite things: LiLo and singing! Note: the only thing original about the clip you're going to hear are the lyrics hah. I've rewritten the first verse and chorus of  Taylor Swift's Style to explain a few of the reasons why LiLo is life and the Addicted series is basically my bible. I had a lot of fun writing this. Maybe one day I'll learn the piano score of the song and do a full cover but until then... voila, an acapella snippet of LiLo by moi! TEAM LILO FOREVER.

If you have not read the Addicted series yet, please, please, please give this story and these characters a chance. I promise you won't regret it. Addicted to You is free on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBook, so it's the perfect time to start because Some Kind of Perfect the epilogue book will be releasing on May 20th! Thanks for taking the time to read this little tidbit of my Addicted love.