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Monday, January 24, 2022

Hello, New Year: My 2021 in Review

2021 was a year of great losses and great gains. We've had a number of deaths in our community but my greatest loss last year was the passing of my bestpup Tidus. Anyone who knows me or speaks to me on socials know Tidus was the king of our household. He was my IG book model and lone audience of my singing serenades. He had a huge and calming presence in our home. It's been a hard year adjusting to his absence but I'm fortunate to have so many memories, photos and videos of him to reminisce over. You are forever in our hearts, Tidus!

The rest of the year flew by after that. My days consisted of working, reading, eating and sleeping. You know... the basics. When I mentioned great gains, I meant that I gained a boatload of work experience and confidence in my nursing capabilities. Many of my seniors have commented that they've noticed how I've grown professionally. I take the praise with such gratitude for my team's guidance and support in my first year working as an RN. Shout-out to the ACE Team woo~ Honestly, to every single person just trying to get through to the next day during this pandemic... I applaud you and am cheering for you. May 2022 be a better and healthier year for us all.