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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On a personal note: this bluebird is flying the nest

Hello, how have you been? I've been neglecting my blog these past months... *hugs laptop and pets screen* I'M SORRY MY PRECIOUS. Life has engulfed me during my hiatus. Lots of boring stuff, to be honest. Work. Work. Work. *plays 'Heigh Ho' from Snow White and the Seven Drawfs* On a more fun note, I went pretty wild with my hair this summer! I went from black to silver/ ice lilac pastel which faded to a blonde, then to multi-colored streaks like a mermaid hah. Although I haven't posted anything, I've been sneaking around and blogging behind the scenes. I actually finished two/three reviews [Can you believe it?!?! *roars*] which I'm going to schedule later on. I'm going to stockpile some reviews since I'm so prone to last minute posts. NO MORE I SAY.

Now onto the reasoning behind this post's title. No, you can't get rid of me so easily ;). It's moving day for me! I'll be going into a four-year nursing program in a different city starting in September. Pro: I'll get to see my niece and nephew basically everyday. Con: I can't take Tidus with me so I won't see my fur-king as often. It's a huge step for me towards being more independent, so I'm quite nervous/proud/excited/scared. Luckily, my brother Michael and his family live in Sarnia. I'm just moving into their basement guestroom heheh. One of the hardest thing about moving away from home is deciding which books to leave behind and which to take with me. I've read about 10% of my ever-growing collection. How am I suppose to choose?? Addicted series books, check. Sempre duology, check. Under the Never Sky series and Maybe Someday, double check. Everything else is up in the air. Whether or not I get time to read anything besides textbooks is another story.

I'm hoping to post every now and then regardless of school. I've been preparing a few review posts and others so I won't go AWOL for as long as I did this summer. I have many blogs to stop by and get the 411 on as well. I haven't read much but I haven't stopped altogether so that's good, right? Jumping back and forth between NA/A and YA has helped. Getting deeper into the kpop hole and watching kdramas, plus catching up on tv shows, has not. I've been putting off ebooks for a bit too because I can't focus very well recently. I'm waiting for the mojo-lightning to strike again *looks up at the sky* COME AT ME. There's a very cute independent bookstore called The Book Keeper very close to my brother's place that I look forward to spending time in. I've already gotten my Lambton library card the last time I visited, so I'm all set hah. And they had so many romance books that weren't available in my hometown. Needless to say, I'll be spending a lot of time 'studying' there. Life update complete! Phew *wipes sweat*. Until next time xx

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