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Friday, April 29, 2022

Hushbug - April Box (Eco)

Hello, hello! This month I came across a new-to-me book box subscription on my IG feed and I treated myself to a one-time box to check out. Hushbug Book Box is a monthly subscription box that features a newly released RomCom book, a treat/snack, and 3-5 curated items that follow the theme/book. The book box only recently started this year and wow, Kat (the face behind Hushbug Book Box) is doing amazing putting these together~ What really stood out to me as I was researching this book subscription was the inclusion of Canadian businesses and artisans. Two of my favourite things: romance books and supporting Canadian shops! It was a done deal. April's theme was Eco.

Presentation/Packaging: Lovely! The outside is simple but it holds an explosion of goodies inside. If I had to give it a rating... 4.5/5. One thing I noticed about the box itself, that it was slightly big for the content. You can see the space between the tissue paper and packaging box in the top photo. There was some move room that may have contributed to the crumpling of two items during shipping and handling. I'm a terrible, stickler for these things, I apologize! But if I recall correctly, Hushbug Book Box was working towards possibly changing their box to be size appropriate. I do love the use of sustainable, eco-friendly packaging though. Shipping was extremely quick for me and arrived within a week. 

Content: SPOT ON 100% TO THE THEME/BOOK. I'll be posting content photos below but my expectations were blown honestly. Sure, I've browsed photos on IG of previous boxes but there's nothing like the surprise of opening your own box. I purposely leave the content/info card to look at last to maximize the mystery heheh. I love that Hushbug Book Box has introduced me to new-to-me Canadian shops wooo.

  • Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Bar - Camino
  • "You Gotta Nourish to Flourish" Reusable Produce Bag - Everite Design
  • Laminated Bookmark - Twin Reads Blog

Cost: A one-time box is $84.99 CAD (plus tax). At first I was hesitant to order one but then realized I probably spend that much or more in one Sephora trip hah. As one of my favourite phrases states: TREAT YOURSELF! Being a person requiring validation for my bigger purchases, I consulted my bestie and she reminded me that "I'm a big girl, making big girl money now". If you're wondering if the price is worth it... I researched item costs and shipping fees if I were to get everything myself, and I definitely got my moneys worth!

Overall Impression: How wonderful is this book box?! Ashley Winstead is a new-to-me author and the author letter/card was such a sweet touch. I'm in awe at the detail and thought put into the selection of items to match the book's eco theme. I've been wanting to try Tru Earth detergent strips for a while, what a lucky chance it was included in the box. Of course, I scarfed down the milk chocolate bar prior to writing this post. Talk about YUM. Excited to try the chocolate mug cake next! I'm a big fan of mesh produce bags and this one by Everite Design is so darn cute. I loved everything included in this book box! This would make a fun surprise gift for your fellow romance book reader as well :D

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