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Friday, January 10, 2020

Procrastination... Oh, How You've Come To Bite My Behind

I applaud any and all readers who can read more than one book at a time and still drop regularly scheduled reviews. Or those that read books consecutively and still remember details from the very first book during a book binge. What is your secret?! The number of books I have on the back burner for reviews (most of my read books from 2016/7 and most from 2018) *smh*. That dreadful "review to come"... if you see it on any of my past GR reviews, I apologize. I lied ya'll.

I will now present the evidence of this con that originates back about four years ago, possibly longer.

Evidence #1: Clipped Wings mini swoon after just having completed reading the book. 
Note the "almost 4 years ago". Yeah, there was no review draft. I haven't even read book two yet to finish the duology. Sue me.

Evidence #2: Kaleidoscope Hearts mini swoon right after completing. 
To this day, still one of the sweetest and heart-warming romances for me. I still think about that ending, and wallow about how lucky fictional characters be. I made the review graphics and everything! And yet, no draft and of course I've forgotten almost eveything but my favorite scenes. Whoops.

Evidence #3: By Any Other Name mini swoon upon completion.
I like to think that I grow wiser with each reading as a casual book reviewer and blogger... At least for this duology, I DID read it and even jotted down little plot notes and all... two years ago. Alas, fate was against me. *pause for effect* When I moved out of my brothers place late this summer, I found the little note with only a vague memory of the details of my enjoyment. Oh my.

As I move forward into the new year, I'm changing my book reviewing ways! Compared to the last two to three years, I do think I'm working at a steady pace for me (I've surpassed my post number of 2017 already, woot). There was once a time, I thought I could stockpile book reviews but I essentially just stepped away from the blog to focus on my studies. I've kept track of the books I've read in the during that time but if you were to ask me about more details... Nada. My memory is a whiteboard and it's been wiped clean! This time around I've jotted points down in my cellphone notepad and work on the review from there. I find that it's a lot more convenient and I'm happy with my strategy (so far). But now, what to do with the past books I've read? Odds are I'll end up rereading them and it will be like I've read it for the first time haha.

In short, NO MORE "review to come" from me. No ma'am. I've pretty much left my regular updates on GR behind and resort to a jam-pack update of read-books at the end of the year. I have to get that "Completed GR Challenge badge" after all! I've always found that the feeling of writing book reviews is synonymous to writing in my journals for me. It's a snap shot of my first impressions and enjoyment of the book. This is the year I'll strive to be more consistent!

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