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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Character Spotlight: Dean West

This feature was inspired by That's What He Said Thursday (hosted by Julie & Rose at Chapter Break
and Swoon Worthy Saturday (hosted by Hazel at Stay Bookish).

Any chance I get to swoon over one of my many book boyfriends, I AM IN. But I need to gush about my favorite heroines as well! So I'm starting this feature. It won't be a weekly thing but I do hope to spotlight one hero and one heroine a month. It's really just an excuse so I can talk about my favorites haha. To start, many of them will be from books I've read before I started blogging. :)

Here's a low-down of what a character spotlight will entail:
  • One favorite quote from said character 
  • What book/series they're from
  • Super-quick character profile
  • A small dose of fangirling (aka. why I love them)

Today's spotlight hero is sexy history professor and loving husband, Dean West.
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(Quote from Arouse by Nina Lane)
It's currently FREE on Amazon, so if you haven't read it yet I recommend giving it a try!

Dean is the hero of Nina Lane's Spiral of Bliss series:
(Click covers for Goodreads links)
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

♥ Nickname: 'Professor'
♥ Bachelor's degree from Yale, PhD from Harvard
♥ Tall and muscular with broad-shoulders
♥ Dark brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes
♥ Self-confident and dignified
♥ Looks down-right delicious in a sweater vest
♥  Charming and so hopelessly in love
♥ Not the best artist

I read this series a while back and LOVED IT. Mainly because I loved Dean.
You get to see how he was when he first met Olivia and how he's very much the same even after marriage. 
The story comes full circle by the time you finish the final book and leaves you feeling all warm inside.
The things he was willing to do, to give up, as a means to protect admirable.
Seriously, his devotion and protectiveness of his wife makes me swoon every time!
Not to mention, how many guys can make medieval history and Romanesque cathedrals sound sexy? 


  1. Ah! This is a great idea! Looking forward to getting to know your other book boyfriends and favorite characters!

    1. Thanks, lovely! I can't wait to share them with everyone, I have quite a looooong list haha :)

  2. Ohmygosh, I love Dean West! I just read this series last month and I absolureky adored it to pieces. The Professor is a good man and a good husband. Great teaser and feature!

    1. Right?! Oh man, this series... so heart-warming. Glad you liked the feature, Andrea! Thanks for stopping by <3

  3. Thank you so much, Jennifer! I just love this and am so honored you featured Dean. I especially like the character profile -- yeah, he is definitely not the best artist. ;-) Bit of trivia - I hired a professional artist to make Liv's drawings, but I did Dean's artwork myself because I am also a terrible artist and knew I could do him justice.

    Thanks again so much - this makes me miss Professor West even more. Love the graphic and quote too! ♥♥♥

    1. Ahhhhh Nina!!!! The notes were one (of many) favorite parts about the series. So darn adorable! I love that you drew Dean's artwork yourself, makes it extra special ;) <3

  4. I've never read or heard about this series,but I am dying to read about this guy now.I have a huge soft spot and smart heroes and Dean sounds exactly like my kind of hero.

    1. I have a soft spot for the intelligent heroes myself. Smart is sexy, what can I say ;) Thanks for stopping by Mishma!

  5. Hello Jennifer's husband! It's so nice to finally meet you. (I might steal, errr borrow you sometimes cause you see so good). Anyhow I like this feature and I love your pick. I still haven't read that series but now you've got me intrigued girl. I can tell you that. Great post :)

    1. LOL hate to burst your bubble Tanja, but I'm not big on sharing BUT I'll make an exception for you ;)

  6. Dean West sounds especially scrumptious! I'll have to check this series out! Thanks for sharing Jennifer! :)

    1. Oh, he is, Rachel. HE IS!! I hope you do and that you enjoy it :D

  7. Okay, you got me at his degrees and "professor" as his nickname. I love intelligent men and now I totally wanna check out this series.
    (P.S. this "character spotlight" feature sounds so fun Jennifer that I might just borrow the idea for my blog)