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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Blog Tour + Giveaway: LONG WAY DOWN by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Hello, lovelies! TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY. A.K.A. LONG WAY DOWN RELEASE DAY. Words cannot express how much I adore this series, these authors, these characters and this 'world'. Long Way Down will be the last book and Raisy's happy ending gah. I've been both anticipating and dreading tomorrow for months. But I'm very glad to be participating in this blog tour with so many other Addicted series fans! Seriously, I just want to break out into dance and song (high school musical style).
To follow along and check out the other stops, just click on the tour banner! There are tons of fun posts and exciting teasers. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post too :)

On to business! Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you part 2 of the Newlyweds Game: Friends Edition wooooooot. I couldn't stop grinning while reading through the answers and I hope you won't either. Enjoy! <3

[Rose, Connor, Lily, Lo, Daisy, and Ryke gather in their living room for the Newlywed Game: Friends Edition! They’re sitting next to their teammate in prep for the game to begin.]

Team #1 – Ryke & Rose
Team #2 – Connor & Lily
Team #3 – Loren & Daisy

Jae: Hii!!!! *takes a deep breath to calm down a notch* I'm so happy that you all agreed to play this game with us.  For those who aren't familiar with the Newlywed Game, here's how the game works: members of each team are asked a series of questions about their teammate to see how well they know each other!

Rose: *looks to Ryke* be serious about this.

Ryke: I’m not going to fuck you over.

Rose: *raises her chin like she’s preparing for battle*

Lily: I think I’m at a disadvantage. Unless Connor can read minds. *whispers to Connor* now would be a good time to use your superpowers.

Connor: I don’t think we’re speaking the same language.

Daisy: *looks to Lo and in an ominous voice she says* how well do you know me?

Loren: Too goddamn well.

Jae: *tries hard not to grin but fails* For the first round, we'll start by having the guys leave the room for a few minutes.

The guys leave the room while the girls fill out their questions on boards.
Fifteen minutes later, the guys return.

Jae: Okay, here we go! Question #1 for Ryke: What is Rose’s favorite movie of all-time?

Ryke: Fuck. *stares off in thought*

Rose: *taps heel* you know this.

Ryke: Fuck, it’s something romantic.

Rose: *controls herself not to nod or give any hints but her lips are pressed tightly together*

Connor: I would’ve been able to answer this on the spot.

Ryke: We’ll I’m not fucking you, Cobalt.

Connor: You’re right; you aren’t fucking me. I fuck an entirely superior breed to yours. In case you were wondering, you’re of the canine family.

Ryke: *flips him off*

Rose: Concentrate, Ryke.

Ryke: I think it’s…Titanic.

Rose: *lips rise and she reveals her board* I said Titanic.

Jae: *mentally gives Ryke a thumbs up* And Question #2 for Ryke: How many heels does Rose own?

Ryke: I don’t fucking know. A million?

Rose: *glares* that’s not a serious answer.

Ryke: Yeah? Well it fucking is to me.

Rose: You don’t even deserve the real number of my heels. *tucks board away*

Score: Ryke & Rose = 1 point

Jae: On to team #2! *turns to Connor and Lily* Question #1 for Connor: Where did you meet Lily for the first time?

Connor: A study room at Penn. I was the best tutor she’s ever had.

Lily: It’s true. *flips board* I said study room at Penn.

Connor: I’m always right.

Rose: *sets her piercing yellow-green eyes on him* your arrogance is suffocating me.

Connor: I’ll give you CPR later, darling.

Rose: I’d rather die.

Connor: *grins* Such lies.

Jae: *holds back her grin but whispers* Nerd starsss *cough* And Question #2 for Connor: What one word would best describe your friendship with Lily?

Connor: Entertaining.

Lily: *squints* I said confusing. Because you confuse me, especially when you talk in French.

Connor: Which is why it’s entertaining for me.  

Score: Ryke & Rose = 1 point ; Connor & Lily = 1 point

Jae: And for our last pairing here, Question #1 for Loren: What is Daisy’s spirit animal?

Loren: A squirrel.

Daisy: Because I like nuts *wags brows*

Loren: *grimaces* no. Because you’re everywhere all the goddamn time, scampering around.

Daisy: I like it, but I said that my spirit animal is a birdicorn. Part bird, part unicorn. We like to fly and poop rainbows.

Loren: *looks to his brother* have fun with your birdicorn, bro.

Ryke: *almost smiles as he flips off his brother*

Jae: *remembers she's hosting and snaps out of her brotp stupor* Right, and Question #2 for Loren: How many times has Daisy changed her hair (length and / or color)?

Loren: Too many to count.

Daisy: *flips board* you know me so well. I said too many to count.

Scores: Ryke & Rose = 1 point ; Connor & Lily = 1 point ; Loren & Daisy = 1 point

Jae: The next two questions will be multiple choice. But instead of reading out the entire answer, you can just tell us the letter that corresponds with your choice, if you'd like. Question #1 for all the guys: Rose / Lily / Daisy would say your driving can be best described as:

a)           Sunday afternoon seniors tour,
b)           Put the petal to the metal,
c)           Buckle up and hold on for dear life, or
d)           Travelling with the driving academy's driver of the year

Ryke: Fuck, probably C.

Rose: *flips board* I said D. You’re a good driver—but not better than me.

Connor: I’m going to say D. She knows I’m the best.

Lily: *nods* Connor is good at everything. I said D.

Rose: *glares at Lily* stop complimenting him. It’s enlarging his already overly enlarged brain.

Connor: *grins*

Loren: My driving compared to her driving looks like A.

Daisy: *flips board* I said A. If there was a “kinda normal driver” I would’ve picked that one for you, Lo.

Scores: Ryke & Rose = 1 ; Connor & Lily = 2 ; Loren & Daisy = 2

Jae: *laughs softly before regaining composure* Question #2 for all the guys: If Rose / Lily / Daisy were a circus act, which would she be?

a)           Fire eater,
b)           Aerialist,
c)            Clown, or
d)           Human cannonball

Rose: We’re losing! Ryke *snaps her fingers at him* get it together. We need to beat, Richard.

Connor: Impossible.

Rose: *points her manicured nail at him* it’s not over yet. *hair flip*

Ryke: *leans forward to inspect the multiple choice more* Rose would be…a fire eater.

Rose: *shoulders lift like she’s soaring* I said fire eater.

Connor: Of the options available, Lily would most likely be a clown.

Lily: Since Aerialist and human cannonball include heights, I said a clown too. *flips board to show her answer*

Loren: Daisy would be a human cannonball. Like a goddamn crazy.

Daisy: *smiles* I said a human cannonball.

Scores: Ryke & Rose = 2 ; Connor & Lily = 3 ; Loren & Daisy = 3

Jae: Yay, you all scored a point there! Next, we have a fill-in-the-blank. Question #3 for all the guys: Our friendship would be perfect if we could just agree on ___________.

Rose: We have to tie up with them, Ryke.

Ryke: I’m fucking trying here. And our friendship would be perfect if we could just agree on how to play this fucking game.

Rose: *glares for a least a full thirty seconds* that was not trying. *flips board* I said our friendship would be perfect if we could just agree on how to help our siblings.

Ryke: There’s still another round left, Rose. We can have a fucking comeback.

Connor: Unlikely.

Rose: *raises her hand at him* no one wants to hear you, Richard.

Connor: And yet, you keep waiting for my response.

Rose: Why am I married to you?

Connor: Because you love me. *says something in French*

Rose: *begins to smile*

Connor: And my friendship with Lily would be perfect if we could just agree on using the same language.

Lily: I said our friendship would be perfect if we could just agree on Teen Wolf ships. He says he won’t acknowledge Sterek because they’re not canon.

Jae: *gasps* How can you not ship Sterek?!

Loren: *shakes head at Connor*

Connor: There’s no evidence that it can ever become something real, so why would you pair them together?

Loren: Because they’re awesome, and you know what would make our friendship perfect, Daisy? If we could just agree on the fact that you’re perfect for my brother and vice versa.

Daisy: *smiles* we definitely agree on that.

Loren: Looks like we have a great relationship then. Case closed.

Daisy: I had something else, but it doesn’t even compare *tucks board away (she’s really happy)*

Scores: Ryke & Rose = 2 ; Connor & Lily = 3 ; Loren & Daisy = 3

Jae: *wipes a tear away with a small smile* Moving on to the next round. We'll have the girls leave the room for a bit this time.

The girls leave the room while the guys fill out their questions on boards.
Once they've finished, Jae leaves the room to get the girls.

Jae: *faces Rose* We'll start with Question #1 for Rose: What word / phrase does Ryke overuse?

Rose: Fuck.

Ryke: *flips board* I said fuck.

Loren: Boo, too easy.

Jae: Question #2 for Rose: Who is more hot-tempered?

Rose: Definitely Ryke.

Ryke: *flips board* I said definitely Rose.

Rose: *rolls her eyes*

Scores: Ryke & Rose = 3 ; Connor & Lily = 3 ; Loren & Daisy = 3

Jae: Hah. Okay, next up is Lily! Question #1 for Lily: What is Connor’s favorite pastime?

Lily: Being smart. *nods*

Connor: I said gaining knowledge.

Rose: Not close enough.

*judges reject their match*

Rose: *openly gloats with a giant grin*

Jae: Question #2 for Lily: At what age did Connor get Sadie?

Lily: I think when he was a Freshman at Penn?

Connor: I was in boarding school.

Scores: Ryke & Rose = 3 ; Connor & Lily = 3 ; Loren & Daisy = 3

Jae: *turns to Daisy* All three teams are tied right now but will you and Lo be taking the lead? Question #1 for Daisy: What food can’t Lo live without?

Daisy: Chicken tacos *pumps fists in the air* am I right?

Loren: I said chicken tacos. Done deal. We’re gonna beat all of these losers—only Lil’s not a loser. That one is *points at Rose*

Rose: I’m coming for you.

Lily: *wide-eyed*

Jae: And Question #2 for Daisy: If Lo could play any superhero in a movie, who would he choose?

Daisy: Batman!

*everyone cracks up laughing*

Loren: I hope all the birdicorns fly into electrical wires.

Daisy: *gasps* the danger.

Scores: Ryke & Rose = 3 ; Connor & Lily = 3 ; Loren & Daisy = 4

Jae: Last two questions of the game! Question #1 for all the girls: Which movie title would Ryke / Connor / Lo say best describes him?

a)           Man of Steel,
b)           National Treasure
c)            Fifty Shades of Grey, or
d)           Despicable Me

Rose: Man of Steel.

Ryke: I said Fifty Shades of Grey.

Loren: Want to share something with the class, bro?

Ryke: it’s based on the fucking title, not the content.

Lily: I think Connor is National Treasure.

Connor: I said National Treasure.

Rose: *huffs*

Daisy: Lo is Despicable Me.

Loren: *flips board* Despicable Me.

Scores: Ryke & Rose = 3 ; Connor & Lily = 4 ; Loren & Daisy = 5

Jae: Question #2 for all the girls: Which cereal would Ryke / Connor / Lo say best describes you?

a)           Just Right,
b)           Fruit Loops,
c)           Special K, or
d)           Cap’n Crunch

Rose: Just Right. *whips head to Ryke*

Ryke: *flips board* Fruit Loops.

Rose: What?

Ryke: All you Calloway girls are fucking crazy.

Rose: I want a new teammate.

Lily: Connor would say that I’m Special K, I think.

Connor: I said you’re Just Right.

Lily: *smiles* thanks, Connor.

Connor: I appreciate the gratitude, but we just lost a point.

Daisy: I’m pretty certain Lo would say that I’m Fruit Loops, but I’d like to think I’m a little Cap’n Crunch too.

Loren: *flips board* Fruit Loops. Taking the prize money from the smarty-pants teams.

Rose: There is no prize money, Loren.

Loren: Then I’m taking your pride, Angelica. 

Final Scores: Ryke & Rose = 3 ; Connor & Lily = 4 ; Loren & Daisy = 6

Jae: And that's a wrap! Looks like our winners are Loren & Daisy! *presents them with paper crowns and cupcakes*

Rose: *stands* I can’t believe Loren won. This game is flawed.

Daisy: Does this mean Lo and I are the best best friends here?  *wags brows at Ryke*

Ryke: It just fucking means that you two grew up together.

Rose: Again, flawed.

Loren: Did she say fair? I think she said fair.

Rose: *growls before leaving*

Daisy: Thanks for having us, Jae. I’ll keep this win close to my heart. *winks*

Loren: I’d do the same but my heart is black and deteriorated *flashes half-smile*

Jae: *waves goodbye then melts into a puddle of happy when the door closes behind them*

The end. 

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Title: Long Way Down
Authors: Krista & Becca Ritchie
Series: Calloway Sisters #4
| +Goodreads |
Publication Date: November 20, 2015
Genre: NA, Contemporary, Romance
Purchase Links: Amazon

With a seven-year age difference, Ryke & Daisy have faced an uphill battle in the eyes of the world and their families. Known as he most adventurous, fast-paced couple—their next step has always been elusive to the rabid media.

Behind the scenes, heartbreaking trouble continues to test Ryke & Daisy's resilience and shape their future.

They promise:

To never slow down.
To never compromise who they are.
To never abandon their love for each other.

But preserving their happiness also means adding more risks. Ones that Connor Cobalt wouldn't even take. As a professional free-solo climber, Ryke is no stranger to risk, but this next step with Daisy wagers more than just his health.

With their lives on the line, Ryke & Daisy head towards the vast, wild unknown in this epic final conclusion to the Addicted series.

Krista & Becca Ritchie are New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their early twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love.

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | Instagram |

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