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Thursday, August 1, 2019

On a personal note: this bluebird is flying the nest... again!

Hello, hello blogosphere! It's been over two years since I've last been here with a book review or any kind of post really... TWO YEARS. And in that time I feel like I've grown? Mentally and emotionally that is. Physically, I'm still my usual ball of fluff but maybe an inch or two taller *proud smirk* I thought it was time I made a comeback, no matter how small. It's the start of a new year [well half way through one heheh] and I hope to post at least one review a month. I've been doing a better job at keeping track of my read books list and thoughts! I won't be reviewing every book I read but a select few. I also hope to not procrastinate any longer and push my reviews back to start a new book. I've found that this method does not work at all for me ahhh ;__;

On to the reason behind this post's title, like back in 2016, I'm moving out! At the end of the month, I'll be moving into a student rental home with a close friend in the nursing program. I'm going into my last year of schooling and actually really look forward to being more independent with my own space. The biggest challenge: picking which books to take with me. It has been a struggle with a huge sense of deja vu sigh. Odds are I'll be switching them out whenever I visit my parents though haha. Then again, I've been using the Overdrive app to borrow library ebooks more often as it's more convenient for me. Hmm what other life updates are there to tell? Lately, I've been more into crime/mystery and young adult fantasy. It's kind of interesting how my reading tastes have grown from just romance. But of course, most of the books I read has a hint of lovin'. Oh, I'm still reading a lot of manga too [PSA: everyone read Yona of the Dawn]. Your girl is still coloring her hair any chance she gets too! I've been teal, pink and galaxy. I strive to be more mermaid like every day ~

I've fallen down multiple spirals: kpop and sewing. There is NO going back. BTS is still my ult group but the number of talented groups and artists is insane. I'm continually trying to keep track of who's debuting, who's having a comeback and what other tracks do they have. I do listen to english music every now and then haha. The current album on repeat is Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins album. I liked some of their music back in the day but didn't consider myself a big fan or anything. This album is everything. Such a variety of sounds and hints of inspiration from other iconic bands which I really enjoy. Tori Kelly will be releasing a new album soon which I'm really looking forward to as well! Anddd the last bit of news... I've opened an etsy shop for book sleeves! I started sewing them over the summer and I'm hooked on collecting cute fabric. Now I'm trying to go through one full year of monthly themed releases! It's been a very fun and visually pleasing hobby :') Thank you for sticking with me through this life update. It feels good to be back! xx

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