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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Top Ten Bookmarks

- - - Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme, created at The Broke and The Bookish but now hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl, where a new topic is given for a top ten book-related list - - -

This week's prompt is 'Favorite Bookmarks' and oh what a struggle it was to pick my top ten! I haven't been reading much lately but no fear, my bookmarks are still being used well~ They make textbook reading a little more bearable heh.

1. "Mascot Party" bookmark (purchased from Jinyjin)
I love how it's a mash up of my love of Studio Ghibli and anime. It also glitters!

2. "Silly Old Bear" bookmark (purchased at Chapters/Indigo)
I love Winnie the Pooh. The look of this bookmark is simple yet beautiful.

3. "Souls fused together..." bookmark (handmade and gifted from a lovely book friend)
It's a quote about one of my favorite book couples. Anyone who has followed my gushings or regularly interact with me know how much love I have for the Addicted series by Krista & Becca Ritchie. LiLo is my top (purest, loving, must protect) OTP. 

4. "Sailor Moon Scenery" bookmark (purchased from Sugarmints)
I stumbled across this artist at an anime convention during the summer and omg, *heart eyes*. Of course I had to pick up this lovely sunrise Sailor Moon. It was honestly so difficult to pick and you'll see why if you check out her etsy shop. 


5 + 6. Fullmetal Alchemist character bookmarks (custom order, purchased from HappyHello)
Probably some of the CUTEST bookmarks I own! I have a number of sets from this etsy shop (can you blame me??). Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is my top favorite anime and these are my favorite characters. I had to control myself. I would have asked for all the characters from that series otherwise. Does anyone else prefer to keep their magnetic character bookmarks safe in the packaging rather than using them individually?

7, 8, 9, + 10. BTS Vocal Line Solo art prints (purchased from Refrainbow)
These aren't actually bookmarks but they were small enough to be used as one (let's be honest, you can make anything a bookmark...except food/liquids or things that ruin the pages, whoever started that viral meme tsk tsk my heart hurt)

Do you have a favorite bookmark you use constantly or 
do have a collection of bookmarks you alternate through?


  1. That silly old bear bookmark is so cute. :)

    My TTT.

    1. It's one of my oldest bookmarks and holds a lot of sentimental value <3

  2. Sailor Moon scenery bookmark? How lovely! I wouldn't mind some Sailor Moon character bookmarks either.

    1. Brilliant idea! They would look so stinkin' cute

  3. OH MY GOSH, THOSE FMA BOOKMARKS. *melts* I don't normally keep my magnetic ones in the plastic (I keep them on the fridge haha), but I would for those. They're gorgeous. I fell down the rabbit hole of that shop for a while and phew, they have some of my favorite fandoms. How to choose?!

    Here's my TTT post.

    1. I never even thought to stick them on the fridge! That's such a good idea. I've seen some string them on a cord around their bookshelf too. I really should do something to show them off.

  4. I love the HappyHello bookmarks! I have sooo many of them because they're just so freaking cute!

    My TTT:

    1. Hashtag can't stop won't stop! Honestly one of my top bookish shops to fawn over.