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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top Ten Sequels I Can't Wait To Get

This week's topic is top ten sequels we can't wait to get our hands on!
Not sure if the list could was for sequels that haven't released or sequels I just haven't bought yet, either way my list has both heh :)

- - - - Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, where a new topic is given for a top ten list - - - -

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1. Fuel The Fire (Calloway Sisters #3, Addicted #3.1) by Krista & Becca Ritchie
Rose and Connor's final book. Enough said. I need this book like I need air.

2. Long Way Down (Calloway Sisters #4, Addicted #3.2) by Krista & Becca Ritchie
Raisy's happy ending (I hope)! I NEED THIS BOOK AS WELL.
But at the same time, I don't want this series to end.

3. Then Came You (Animal Magnetism #5) by Jill Shalvis
Hot guy + any cute animal = me swooning.
Jill Shalvis knows how to write a light, sweet and enjoyable story. She hasn't let me down once.

4. Wild And Free (The Three #3) by Kristen Ashley
One of my favorite Adult PNR series. This is the final book focusing on the last couple of the prophecy.
I can't wait to see how this one ends :D

5. Into The Still Blue (Under The Never Sky #3) by Veronica Rossi
I feel like I've been waiting forever for this book to release in paperback!
I've only read book one so far, but I LOVED IT. I should really start book two.

6. It Happened One Wedding (FBI/US Attorney #5) by Julie James
I LOVE THIS SERIES. Witty, fun and hilarious at times.
Vaugh wasn't a character that really stuck out to me, but I still want to know his story!

7. Saving Jay (Breaking Free #3) by E.M. Abel
Loved Jay from book one and I'm so glad he'll get a happy-ending!
There's something incredibly sexy about a tattooed business man heheh.

8. Beautiful Secret (Beautiful Bastard #4) by Christina Lauren
Oh my god, I only recently found out there would be more books to this series. But YAYY.
Hilarious and enjoyable. I curious to know how similar Niall's 'tastes' are to Max's...

9. Die For Me (Romantic Suspense #7, Daniel Vartanian #1) by Karen Rose
Karen Rose is quickly sky-rocketing to be one of my favorite romantic suspense authors.
I love how the characters of one novel are connected to others in the series.
Looking forward to diving into this one!

10. Twisted (Tangled #2) by Emma Chase
I loved how Tangled was told in the male POV. It had me in stitches.
I sort of hoped the sequel would've stayed in Drew's perspective but I still can't wait to start it nonetheless!


  1. I thought Into The Still Blue tied up the story nicely. I hope that you enjoy it! Great list!

    1. Yay, I'm glad to hear that! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I loved Into the Still blue. It was a beautiful ending. Hope you get your hands on them. Thanks for sharing. here's mine

    1. Just a few more days until it's available! Thank you for stopping by, Danica :D

  3. FTF & LWD top my list too Jenn for sequels I need like right now, no surprise. I need to get started on the Under the Never Sky trilogy. I've heard so much praise.
    I think I've read the first two books in the FBI/US Attorney series by Julie James but I adored them so I also need to catch up on that series. Lol.
    I loved Tangled as well and Drew's narration was the main reason why. To be honest, the sequel was just "decent".

    1. Yes please! I loved UtNS, the characters and the world building were great! I'm with you, Drew's narration made me laugh so hard. Ahh the second FBI/US Attorney book was my fav heheh. I've actually heard the same thing about Twisted in comparison to the first and the others in the series.

  4. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii CONNOR I LOVE YOU SO MUCH COME TO ME PRECIOUS I NEED YOU TO COME and ok this didn't sound sexual at all (ok so maybe i'm just channeling my inner Lily Calloway but this was completely innocent I PROMISE. (OR NOT!!!)) and LONG WAY DOWN JUST WTH 2015 WILL BE EVERYTHING BOOKS WISE. INTO THE STILL BLUE HI I NED YOU TO READ IT SOON BC I CAN'T WAIT. THIS BOOK IS FULL OF PERFECT MOMENTS HEHEEEE. I'm probably the only one who didn't like Tangled. Tbh the guy is such a jerk, the narrative was so annoying for me, but I mean.. I laughed in some places? Nick is in love with this series so I may give a try to Twisted someday, but I doubt it. I hope it's everything you hope it'll be though! (seeing as the third one?? is in Drew's or Kate's POV or something :))

    1. CHANNEL AWAY!! I can stare at Connor and Ryke all day long. I can't wait to have all the paperbacks on my shelf. It will be beautiful *sobs*. Twisted is the second in the series and is told in Kate's POV! I've read good and bad reviews and basically know what the conflict will be but I'll give it a shot. I heard book three is much better though :)